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Move to Zero.

We’ve pledged to use less, waste less and save more, across our forecourts and our operations.

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But to get started we need to put in place proper measures that help us stay on track. We’ve taken the full environmental cost of our activities into account and set a series of goals which we’re working towards ongoingly.

These goals fall into 3 core initiatives:

1. Running a carbon neutral operation

By putting sustainability at the heart of our operations, we’re taking responsibility for our carbon emissions and have a carbon management plan in place to continually optimise our carbon footprint.

We’re committed to offsetting our residual emissions from our head office operation and our 34 Certa fuel stations, on an annual basis to ensure our operation is fully carbon neutral.

While offsetting is not a license to emit and is only done after every effort has been made to optimise and reduce emissions, there are certain emissions we’re unable to eliminate.

Based on Scope1 and Scope 2 emissions we have estimated our 2020 carbon footprint to be approx. 110.7 tCO2e, covering the period 14th May 2020 to 31st December 2020. This is when our operations commenced.

Carbon neutrality of our 34 Certa fuel stations and our HQ operators in the Republic of Ireland was achieved by Certas Energy Ireland Limited (CRO 656547) on 4th January 2021, certificate number 16097659324846, independently verified by South Pole.

2. Using sustainable materials in our forecourts

Because of the unmanned nature of our operation we use significantly less electricity than a typical forecourt. Our filling station in Clarehall is fitted with solar panels and is the first forecourt in Ireland which is carbon positive i.e. we are returning energy back to the grid. We’re hoping to roll out this model across our network as part of our Move to Zero initiative.

3. Empowering our customers

In line with our belief that small steps over time equal big strides we’re helping our customers make more informed choices. We’ve built a set of tools that will help increase customer awareness of their carbon emissions. All our receipts carry a carbon emission value.

That means every time you fill up you can see how much your engine is likely to emit. We plan in 2021 to build on our Move to Zero initiatives and we’ll be updating our site as our plans take shape.

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